Benefits Available to Senior Citizens or Their Caregivers in South Carolina


There are many benefits available to seniors or people caring for seniors living in South Carolina, some of which are not widely known.  Below is a summary of a list offered on the state’s website.

No Age Restrictions

Social Security:
Social Security taxed on your Federal tax return is not taxed on your South Carolina tax return.

Retirement Income:
Before age 65, taxpayers may exclude $3,000 of their retirement income from South Carolina taxable income.

Dependent Care Tax Credit:
Families caring for an elderly relative in their home who must hire caregivers in order to work may deduct up to 7% of the amount claimed on their Federal income
tax against their SC income tax.

Home Care or Nursing Home Tax Credit:
A SC tax credit of 20%, not to exceed $300 for expenses paid for intermediate or skilled care to an institution is allowed.  A credit of 20% not to exceed $300 is also allowed for nursing home care at home or in a licensed institution.

Age 55

Auto Insurance Credit: 
The credit is mandated for persons who are 55 years of age or older and have successfully completed a driver training course approved by the Department of Public Safety. Contact local 55 Alive program through AARP  1-888-277-7669.

Age 60

Free Tuition: 
Free tuition at all state supported institutions that include state universities, colleges, and technical schools (subject to space restrictions and usual entrance requirements).  To be eligible you cannot receive compensation as a full-time employee.

Age 64

Lifetime Hunting and Fishing License: 
State residents may buy one-time $9 senior lifetime licenses that include hunting and fishing.

Age 65

Income Tax Exclusion: 
Taxpayers 65 and older may exclude $15,000 of income from any source from their South Carolina taxable income.

Homestead Property Tax Exemption:
First $50,000 of the fair market value of a house or mobile home by a state resident of at least one year is exempt from property taxes.  You must apply at county auditor’s office on or before July 16 of a given year.

Jury Duty: 
Choice to serve or not on city, county, or state jury duty.

Discount to State Parks: 
Discounted Palmetto Passport for state park facilities.

Vehicle Discount: 
Biennial registration fee for private cars is discounted to $20.

Age 70

Jury Duty: 
Choice to serve or not on Federal court jury duty.

Age 85

Sales Tax Exemption:
Exempt from the 1% additional sales tax.  Seniors must ask for exemption or call S.C. Department of Revenue for an ID card.


published by sam swisher