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Stock Option Valuation and Your Exercise Strategy

One of the most difficult questions you can face with stock compensation is when to exercise your non-qualified stock options (NQSOs). If the stock price goes up afterwards, you think you made a mistake by exercising too soon. If it goes down, your timing confirms the genius in you.


Health Savings Account

Derek Lewis; CFP®, CPA

A Health Savings Account, more commonly referred to as an “HSA”, is an account that can help pay for medical expenses now and in the future.  An HSA is very unique in that it is the only investment in the tax code that is ‘triple tax-exempt’, meaning they have 3 tax advantages!



South Carolina Tax Credits

Derek Lewis; CFP®, CPA

Are you a South Carolina taxpayer who would like to reduce your state income tax? If so, you may want to consider purchasing South Carolina tax credits.




Paul Boggs, Derek Lewis and Sam Swisher are all financial planners working in Lake Wylie, South Carolina. It occurred to them that some very good ideas came from these discussions, so they decided to create this blog to share them with others.

With over 90 years of collective experience providing financial planning for individuals, families, and their businesses, and with a law degree, a masters degree in taxation, 2 CPA’s and 3 CFP
®’s, they offer their wisdom and encourage you to contact them if you have thoughts you want to share.


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